When all our senses are awake, it is not enough to act and carry out a project. Age is a ruthless opponent to curb or even break our intentions. What about our actions then? Excuses will not fail to do nothing.

What we most often miss is the famous french "coup de reins", or last push, the impulsion to start our action. The kidneys are the source of our strength. By filtering our fluids, they release our energy. They allow us to fulfill all our desires. The wisdom of age allows us to better understand and analyze our desires.

Our motivation stems from our desire to realize this project not with a futile and brief impulse but with a deep vision and reflection.

Our team is made up of people who are African and European and who all have had a strong and emotional relationship with Africa. We all have around 30 years of professional experience and we all heard and saw the difficulties of life in the underdeveloped countries and in Africa in particular, where welfare remains only a prayer for the majority of the population but also where unpleasant life and misfortune are omnipresent.

This is always in tune with the present and is constantly associated with businesses and large Western humanitarian and financial organizations.

Like most companies in the developed world, civilized world, our company is legally committed to be limited liability, understand limited financial responsibilities but we commit ours on moral responsibility.

We want to join the many people who volunteer and endeavour their time and energy to help poor people who do not have access to safe drinking water and even less to a decent health system and education.

A simple act of direct charity or by sms is no longer satisfactory and enough.

A clean conscience for a tip.

We wish to bring all our resources and help to reduce this difference between the Western countries and the underdeveloped countries with the support of all the people and organisations that share the same will.