Bruno Choumon

Bruno has  over 27 years of experience in the Fixed Income market.

 A  Certified Actuary, he concluded his degree with a thesis on interest rate curve modelling applied to credit risk implying endogenous and exogenous factors.

He is connected to a large number of managers who work in large Asset Management companies and Financial Institutions like Sovereign Funds, Supranational Banks, Insurance Companies and Pension Funds.

 Throughout his career he carried out research, traded, marketed and created fixed income securities for a large number of major financial institutions in Europe.

Namely, Bruno has:

A trading experience that spans a period of over 27 years
Asset management experience in funds and hedge funds
Sales, structuring products with different underlying assets (Life Insurance contracts, Credit,CDS, CLN, Interest Rates, FX, Commodities) and Securitization of the full range of assets like mortgages, receivables, loans, synthetic debts, life contracts for more than 14 years
Credit research published on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
Pricing model creation

The diversity of corporate cultures that he’s encountered throughout his career is also a strength. Having worked for major French, German, US, Japanese and British banks (BARCLAYS CAPITAL, SOCIETE GENERALE, NOMURA, CREDIT AGRICOLE, HSH NORDBANK, BGC)  as well as the private banking and the asset management industry (BANQUE HERITAGE, BERKELEY ASSET MANAGEMENT) on which he looks back on as an important part of his experience.

He spent the last two years at Berkeley Asset Management, a firm specialized in distressed assets and high yield. He focused also in African investments like infrastructure, energy (dams, photovoltaics), real estate (social and prime), education, mining, agriculture, telecoms in countries where he’s been many times like Chad, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Angola…

During several business trips in Africa, he’s met with top level authorities and never hesitated  to go deep into the countries to meet with local people and particularly Heads of Projects (infrastructure, dams…), chiefs of region to fulfill his due diligence tasks where he was often impressed by their strong and very different culture, by their strong  wisdom living seemingly happy lives with less than fifty euros per month.

At Barclays, he reported to Mr Bob DIAMOND, Head of Investment Bank (then Chairman of Barclays Bank 2010-2012) and he contributed to the encounter between Mr Martin TAYLOR, Chairman at Barclays Bank (1994-1998) and Mr Jean-Claude TRICHET, Governor of Bank of France from 1993 to 2003, thereafter President of ECB (2003-2013) to get the prestigious Primary Dealership Status SVT (Spécialiste en Valeurs du Trésor) to participate to the weekly French Government bonds auctions.

During his role at Société Générale (SG), he was in charge of developing the distribution of the structured credit division to optimize the financials of the bank. He structured several regulatory capital transactions that he sold to very large financial institutions managing funds in hundreds of billions of Euros each.

 He worked with the division Commodity and Trade at SG to reduce the bank exposure both in emerging countries debts and also commodities as collateral in SG’s balance sheet. He worked on the securitization of debt portfolios of several emerging countries such as Angola, Cuba, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan amongst other more classic countries and more simple legally and in term of regulations in order to offset risks from the bank balance-sheet. The concept transformed commodities into securities, basically issuing secured loans and bonds.

He organised few conferences in Burgundy and South of France gathering each time around 400 senior managers of major customers of SG from all over Europe and North America. He organised in October 1998 a conference “The New Euro Credit Market” just before the launch of the Euro.

He worked at HSH Nordbank, a commercial bank in northern Europe with headquarters in Hamburg. The Group is active in corporate and private banking. HSH Nordbank main focus is on shipping, transportation, renewable energy and real estate. The bank was created as a result of a merger between Hamburgische Landesbank and Landesbank Schleswig-Holstein, and later with Nordbank.

During his collaboration with HSH Nordbank, his team launched securitizations of shipping loans, a Global Aircraft Fund and Renewable Energy Project Funding.

The implementation of cross-regional multi-product strategies is also an element that he’s very familiar with.

Cross-selling strategies and strategic planning as a function of market information have been integral in his past roles.

Bruno eventually founded Shem Energy with the goal to contribute to the water and energy supply of more than 700 Million Africans.