SHEM Energy offers a taylor made mobile power station that provides profitable solutions to the most needed people.

Energy paid upfront covers consumption for a period of time likely ranging between 30 to 40 years with a 25-year warranty on galvanized stainless steel structure, solar panels and inverters.

The SHEM Energy container unit provides renewable solar energy, energy storage using battery and water purification facilities in the most remote and inaccessible places on the planet.

The units can be coupled in micro-networks locally.

Ordinary or natural casualty failures and incidents affect only a very limited number of users due to its small size and low exposure to bad weather conditions but also by its concept in which no part is in motion or friction.

Connection costs to users are very low and installation of a unit takes less than a day.

SHEM solar units do not rely on heavy infrastructures (pilones, transformers and high voltage lines very exposed to climatic risks) which are extremely expensive and require few years delivery and connection set up.

Moreover, the energy losses due to the transport by overhead high power lines represent an additional pollution by their inevitable waste.

The environmental impact by these huge infrastructures is well established and COP 22 recalled it again in November 2016 in Marrakech not to mention the superb landscapes that are disfigured by these metal scars discourage all the photographers in the world.

The need for drinking water and electricity is urgent and the SHEM Energy container provides an immediate and cost-effective solution to one of the biggest challenges faced by developing countries.

Our company will focus primarily on the ECOWAS region where the population is very high, the network lacks power and reliability, and the use of diesel generators is huge and very polluting.