A SHEM Energy station can be installed in less than a day and supply electricity and pure water to isolated sites but can also be integrated into existing power systems to complement it.

Flexible production and easy integration with network and off-grid units.

Battery storage offers flexible access to energy as soon as it becomes necessary.

The power capacity is reliable up to 210kWh and 47kWp in areas near the equator and slightly offshore to avoid the more frequent cloud formations in these specific locations.

Its operation mode is compatible with the needs of rural communities, industries of all kinds as well as the army because the system needs very little maintenance and its source comes from the sky and every day.

A unit can supply electricity to 100 households based on current average household consumption in ECOWAS.

Depending on the chosen option, water production at the WHO standard can reach 6 tonnes per hour.

The SHEM Energy unit is ideal for temporary sites and can be moved and resold at any time.